FINALLY: Travel Dates

Crack open the champagne, I will finally be traveling again for the first time in FOURTEEN MONTHS.

Dates will be coming up. For now, the Pennsylvania requests are the most numerous so My first locations are:

Allentown, PA – Tuesday 30th March
Scranton, PA – Wednesday 31st March

To apply for a session: see My instructions under “Contact”.

Goodbye to Backpage

Not only do I lack the in-depth knowledge to comment on the recent Backpage censorship, I have also heard too many conflicting Chinese whispers from various genuine sources to have anything close to a clear comprehension.

So I shall just say this: It is a great shame and it shall be missed.

I shall continue to post here, on My twitter page and through various directories and ad sites (see “Friends”). Most notably Dickie Virgin has picked up much of the gap left by the classified ads section so look for My postings there.

Kinky 2017!

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