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“…evil Genius…” – Rope Session in June 2021

“As soon as I stood undressed in front of the Queen I totally gave myself up to the Queen and from there on it was Amazing to the very end” July 2022
“I always feel I am on the edge of being submissive and being vanilla. So I did have a few sessions with other mistresses before. But it did not go very well because I did not feel I was truly dominated. However, Amazon Aurea is another level.”

After arriving to my session with Miss Aurea, she escorted me to the room. I mentioned to her that I wanted to be transformed into the sissy of her control. We walked into the room, and my heart slowly started racing. The room was perfect and most importantly, a sexy dominant woman who knew what she wanted to do to me. She instructed me to show her the sissy dresses that I brought, along with any other items I had that would be quite humiliating to see if they spilled out of my bag on my way. She told me to strip for her, revealing the chastity device I was told to wear for her. I handed her the key for her to decide how she wanted to use it. She dressed me up and restrained me where she made it quite clear to me that the sissy pussy I desired was hers to own. When she made me twirl around in my silky dress I nearly passed out in humiliating delight. I was given a limited opportunity to release as she dominated me from behind. I could not in time, proving my inferiority and need to be caged. So she locked me back up before we winded the session down. It was very hot that she did not accommodate my desire to keep pushing for release. She embodied her dominance in that action, which gave me a further respect for and attraction to her. Miss Aurea is a strong and sexy domme and one that I am very much looking forward to seeing again.

July 2022

I was immediately conquered literally one second she met me. “On your knees” She said, with 6’1 tall height and a high heel, she is a truly Amazon when I look her up. She asked me to remember her stare down which every time I think now, I can feel her power. My favorites are foot fetish related. She is a real master of that. My mouth is full of her pretty feet and I feel so blessed. I was choked by her foot gagging while she was laughing.
She then put her weight on me and used me as a chair . The moment I was touched by her, I felt so tiny and small. I tried to escape but you know it was impossible. She squeezed me with her beautiful long legs and I was already happy to death.
This is the best session I ever had in my life. The domination level is just unbelievable. Thank you Amazon Aurea

“I arrived for my session and was quickly shown in. Before I had even finished introducing myself I was naked, kneeling on the floor in front of Ms. Aurea. She is tall and incredibly beautiful. She has a deep eyes and blonde hair, and an undeniable presence. She told me that I was to be hers. She asked what I wanted to do for the session. She told me she didn’t really care. I was allowed to stand, but then tied tightly. With my hands tied. My fee tied. I was able to balance.. but barely. I effectively dangled there, powerless, defenseless, trying to maintain my balance. She carefully attached a milking device to me… and turned it on. She teased. She turned it off. She teased. She turned it on. It felt like it lasted for ever. I was desperate to do anything for her. She owned me. I begged and pleaded but I didn’t know if I wanted it to carry on forever, or to stop. I think she was amused by this. Although I couldn’t guarantee… my memory is somewhat compromised. I can’t wait to see her again.”

Amazon Aurea is one of the most intelligent dominant Women on niteflirt. For those of us unable to be subject to Her in person, this online access is a godsend. Aurea is both commanding and personable, well versed in her art.

“I had been trying to plan a session with the beautiful Mistress Aurea for quite some time, and just as I finally had the chance to book, I had to cancel last minute due to work related issues. Regardless of that, Mistress was incredibly understanding! Fast forward a couple of months, and I finally got to set up an appointment with Mistress. Having booked a few days in advance, it felt like forever for our session to finally happen. Luckily, everything was well worth the wait. I showed up, excited about seeing the beautiful Mistress Aurea in person, and giving myself up to her and the Venus 2000. I brought up a bottle of wine for us to have during the session to keep things casual and comfortable, and boy it was. Mistress took the time to sit with me, and really understand what interests me, what gets me going, and getting to learn my limits. She took such a genuine interest in my pleasure of being dominated, making sure this session would be the best experience ever, and it was!! Being eager to please, I placed myself in chastity for almost a week for Mistress, and I think she really appreciated it! Mistress told me to get comfortable, and started to put me in bondage so I can’t escape (wouldn’t want to anyway!). Mistress really likes to get the senses involved, and her touch is absolutely incredible!!! Blindfolding me, and touching various parts of my body unexpectedly really heightened the senses. And my favorite part, on came the Venus 2000. I thought not having had a release in at least a week would mean I would finish to quick, but nope! Mistress found a perfect way to constantly keep me on edge, always being right there at that point of release, but never quite letting go. It was a sensational feeling, and well done to Mistress for being able to really understand her sub and keep him there. All I can say is Mistress Aurea is incredibly beautiful, and genuinely cares for her subs. Can’t wait to see you again Mistress!!!!” View this text on an independent review site.

Recently I had the pleasure of sessioning with Mistress Aurea Amazon. We had discussed via email the particulars of the session I wished to have. I was to be the naughty boy caught misbehaving and Mistress Aurea was to be the strong female authority figure who would be doling out the appropriate punishment for naughty boys.
Allow me, first, to describe Mistress Aurea as best I can. She is a beautiful tall blonde with a sumptuous figure with legs that go on forever. She wore a revealing dress with cutaways that revealed her beautiful legs that I longed to worship.
As I described previously, She was to be my female disciplinarian and she fulfilled that role expertly. With first spankings while over her lap, with my underwear still up, she used her hand to warm my bottom up and give it a nice glow. Then down came the underwear and the spankings continued in earnest with her hands gloved, then with various implements. Spankings by crop, hairbrush and paddles followed making my bottom feel like it was on fire. The ending spanking had me lying flat while She paddled my bottom quite severely. She then allowed me to show her how I pleasure myself while She stood, bending over ever so provocatively, while She softly scolded me.
I must say my bottom was still stinging and pink a day later after seeing Her and I even sent her a picture to prove it. Repeating sessions, I am sure, will follow.

“Great, great, great session. WOW!… I am so yours.”

Thank you so much for taking the time to play with me. It was truly an unforgettable experience. You are so confident in your ways and it’s obvious you put in a great deal of effort in your craft. I really appreciated the effort you made of getting in my head to understand what made me tick beforehand and then using it against me during the session. You seem to have a knack for balancing limit pushing with sensual satisfaction. Also I really loved being under your control being bound to the corners of the room. I loved knowing there was no escape once you tightened the last knot.

I really do hope I get another chance to meet you again. I think more than anything, it was the attention to detail and the genuine effort you made to get to know me that made the experience so much more special than anything i have been a part of before.

First of all I must bow down on my knees and give my respect to you . Hope you accept it . As I walked down those stairs , my heart was beating fast and was very nervous initially until I saw you waiting for me downstairs . Your first few words ring in my ears ” GOOD BOY” . As I took your orders to put the curtains in and walked into the room , I knew my moment had arrived finally when my eyes will meet yours . You of course frightened me as it should be . But your made me calm down and feel comfortable at home . When you commanded me to pour you wine , I knew my test of submission has begun and I would be tested at every step every minute . I am glad you enjoy intelligent conversations as well and my education has finally paid off . Lol. As you removed your socks and made me wore it like your collar , i immediately found my sub space . It’s my honor now to compliment you for your feet . From the first glance of those pedicured toes till I ended probably sucking those toe paints off , they looked stunning . I am a nobody to rate those but I felt like I was waiting for these all my life . I am nobody to rate them but for me they were 5 on a scale of 1-5, scoring each on Perfect toe cleavage shape, commanding , controlling , demanding and dominating. As every minute passed by I started getting into it more and more and you reciprocated my passion to serve and worship them by making me do it better and not being pleased easily . It was special for me that you were hard to please and wanted all out of this new foot slave of yours . The next few hours I don’t even know what I was doing , all I remember is that I was trying to please my Foot Goddess and was enjoying the tease and forceful foot worshiping . Somewhere I feel you were enjoying yourself as well as you smoked and ignored my presence but used and abused my mouth fully and my ball sack a bit too and the fact that you were enjoying yourself equally made it more satisfying for me . Hope I cleaned your feet completely my Foot Goddess , it was the best lunch ever I had . I can’t tell you the feeling I had when your heels pressed against my crotch using it as your foot rest , it was best tease . I must confess honestly that I could have gone on and on and on worshiping you. I can’t wait to crawl my way to serve as your foot rest again my Foot Goddess. I think I have found a special connection here and I would love to cherish these memories and serve you for a long time regularly whenever my Foot Goddess needs a good foot worship. Your foot slave awaits ..

I had a 90 minute session with Aurea and it was incredible. I had never seen a true dominatrix before and she made all my fantasies come to life. It was fun, sexy, exhausting, with equal parts pleasure and pain. Good pain though. She took me to places I’d never thought I’d go and now I can’t wait to go back lol. Literally have been dreaming of a return visit which thankfully I just scheduled…

It was great meeting you and I can’t wait to meet you next time. I love your dedication and your enthusiasm, you really enjoy what you do & you go out of your way to make sure your clients also enjoy the session.

Aurea Amazon: “The Erotic Narcotic”

What a delight to share a session with a woman who’s enthusiastic, creative, patient, and passionate.

Aurea brings the fun while she kills you with her type of “kindness” – Milking.

There’s a great feeling of surrender when she fixes you with her weapon of choice (Venus 2000), and then for good measure, employs tape constraints to hold the device in place, freeing her hands up to torment you even more.

And the surrender jumps up to the nth degree when she perches her imposing physique upon your face.

She turns up the speed of the Venus, which pumps you like a Texas oil rig, and Aurea gleefully keeps the motor running til you run out of juice, LOL!

Very adept at role play and building on an initial scene idea, and she’s an ace at rope bondage.

Aurea loves what she does, and her smile like the sun illustrates that fact beautifully.

Forget Wonder Woman, Mistress Aurea is the real Amazon Queen!

Miss Aurea,
I was excited to find out how it would be serving an Amazon such as Yourself, and the introduction You gave me to trampling was exactly what i was hoping for. Being under Your feet and feeling Your power was great to experience and i’m looking forward to more of it in the future. That mixed with the foot smothering from Your large, soft feet made our foot session really enjoyable from beginning to end. I could tell You had experience having subs under Your feet and it’s wonderful that You knew just what a foot fetishist like me would like.
Also i have to mention that i tend to be a bit nervous when seeing a a Domme for the first time, but in the first few minutes You were very welcoming and friendly and that helped me feel at ease. When it was time to begin, the transition from meeting You to starting our playtime was seamless and the rest of our time together was something i won’t soon forget.
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I had a lovely time with Mistress Aurea. She took the time to get to know me and what I was looking for before the session, but didn’t hesitate to introduce me to new things she thought I would enjoy. Her presence is felt almost immediately when you walk in the room, so she would be perfect for a novice, but is seasoned enough for people of all experience levels. She is very professional and also very fun. I will definitely be seeing her again soon, and you would be well served to contact her with as much notice as you can.

I recently contacted Mistress Aurea to inquire on an appointment. From the first email she was very helpful and informative. Being a first time experience for me she was extremely patient and did everything to insure that she could customize my session to exactly what I was looking to experience. When I finally met her in person I was very content with her appearance and presentation. The transition from someone I was speaking to, to becoming my Mistress was amazing. Between the dialogue and atmosphere I was totally consumed by the experience. I highly recommend a session with Mistress Aurea.

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