**Fully Vaccinated**


I guarantee anonymity and privacy at a wide range of diverse spaces, all in Midtown Manhattan.

Additionally, I am available for outcalls to your upscale location, public outings and I can travel out of New York to anywhere in the world for exclusive arrangements.

If you are hesitant to book a play session – email Me to meet for a social engagement, with a tribute of $100, where W/we can establish compatibility and discuss boundaries. 



That’s fantastic. I understand that this whole world is as confusing as it is exciting. I have a separate protocol for newbies; partly to help you through the process and partly to make sure that W/we have a comprehensive understanding of each-other. Go ahead and email Me and take time to clearly explain WHY you are now interested in this sphere, and, why you are messaging Me especially. aureaamazon@gmail.com



I require a minimum of 90 minutes for the initial session with a new client.

Scheduling preference is given to existing clients, or slaves who are petitioning for long term servitude. The more advance notice you give Me for a session request, the higher the likelihood that it will work out just how you want it to.

I am available for sessions TWENTY FOUR hours a day, SEVEN days a week for those who have carefully followed My guidelines.



Such events are EXTREMELY rare. I do recognize that SOME gentlemen struggle more with planning ahead than others. If it is simply impossible for you to follow regular protocol regarding advance bookings then you should WATCH MY TWITTER FEED because, on the rare occasion these opportunities arise, they are likely to be posted here first.

If W/we do find a wonderful alignment of last minute availability: note that $100 is added to the tribute and that 50% is required immediately to pounce on that chance. 



Planning and booking a session with Me is understandably extremely exciting. I’m very pleased that you are animated because I certainly do love that tension of anticipation. If you would like to either discuss further clarifications ahead of O/our time or you simply want to indulge the raw sexual energy of the agonizing wait, I am available a couple of times a week for calls/facetime and most of the time for text messaging at sextpanther.com/AureaAmazon. I strongly recommend this if you really want to draw out the joy of O/our play, I know that I enjoy it a lot. 

Be aware that I do not have a prescriptive style. Talking to you on phone or text will be exhilarating and will inform what I do to you in the room but I can never fully predict what will happen when it happens. I will always enter play with your hard limits engraved on My mind; your preferences also, but note this: you should be choosing to play with a Professional specifically because you want Her creativity and spontaneity to take a hold of you and send you on a ride you didn’t build yourself.  And don’t ever expect the same session twice. 



To get your daily fix of Aurea or to get in touch – subscribe to http://onlyans.com/AureaAmazon which I use in the place of a newsletter (to ensure I don’t break your confidentiality); or text Me anytime at http://sextpanther.com/AureaAmazon



The ONLY acceptable way to cancel a session is to send the full tribute along with an apology, which, at least briefly, references your reason. 

I make great pains to make sure that our appointment is at a day and time which is convenient for yiu – it is one of the reasons I take appointments 24/7. I do that to minimize the chance that you could need to cancel. When W/we agree a date/time for your session I will make absolutely sure that you are perfectly able to be available. In addition, I try to give you a date and time before which you can re-schedule, and after which you are locked in – this isn’t always possible: if you need this then you must tell Me so that I can factor it into your booking. 

I take our sessions extremely seriously and I will undertake 75% of the endeavor well before W/we meet. By the time of O/our actual play, I am just about having fun. I understand that things do happen and sometimes emergencies occur, but if you cancel then it means all that effort went to nothing which is why the ONLY acceptable way to cancel a session is to send the full tribute along with an apology, which, at least briefly, references your reason. 



Absolutely. I am the MOST prominent and expert foot fetishist in the North East. I LOVE to take wonderful LONG, expansive foot fetish sessions – believe Me you cannot get bored of My brand of footplay.

Most BDSM players do not have a full appreciation of how many levels there are to foot love. When done right it is like art set to music and you should emerge feeling as if you have been through a meditative state or a catharsis. I know that I do!

This is My passion; accept no second-rate imitations.

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