**Fully Vaccinated**


I am the true embodiment of the ultimate Alpha-Female. I love to dominate men and take them on a fantasy journey to explore fetishes and kink.

I am strong, as well as fiercely intelligent with a stinging tongue. Be prepared to spend time with a Goddess who will intimidate you both physically and emotionally. I take special pleasure in turning a wandering mind into a dedicated personal toy.

I am most famous as a foot fetishist, an Amazon wrestler, an accomplished rigger, corporal disciplinarian, electrical-play enthusiast and for My sadistic milking sessions. But I have a wide range of other interests and I enjoy everything if I’m in the company of an open-minded and submissive partner.

To book an appointment email a brief outline of your interests and experience to aureaamazon@gmail.com.


I was born in Switzerland but My parents traveled constantly for work and so I am very multicultural and good at settling in.

The first time I remember having kinky thoughts was at school, probably aged about 9. By the time I was a teenager I knew I was a full and flying Dominant; it was not until My early 20’s that I begun an apprenticeship to play professionally. I felt it was important to learn My skills carefully, diligently and thoroughly and I am proud that this brings validity and authenticity to My sessions.

I am a card-carrying female supremacist, in My personal life I keep a small stable of very dedicated service slaves.

You can read an interview with Me at Dickie Virgin

Hard Limits:

Whining and bad manners.

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