Birthday Thanks

Thank you to all the lovely subs who sent Me birthday gifts.

There are 5 gifts without sender names I don’t immediately recognize. Including what I refer to “NM” (I’m not including more details than initials), but also anonymous packages.

I always really appreciate the thought of a gift and I’m very grateful. If you sent Me something and you *haven’t* had a personal “Thank-you” message, then I should love to hear from you so that I can do that.

Love and climax control.


Quick Note

I have had SO SO many really lovely messages, I’ve been completely overwhelmed. But I also haven’t finished celebrating My birthday because of a surprise, totally unplanned trip out of town!!!

So: to everyone who has been in touch – please, please know how much I appreciate it. Tomorrow afternoon, when I get home, I shall get through all My messages.

Thank you all, much love. šŸ§”