My Beautiful Sapling

My fans all know how much I enjoy picking a cherry.
Virgin sessions can go many different ways: that’s the reason I require a consultation before even planning an initiation session. 
10 days ago I had such a session. 
W/we had discussed everything relevant: interests, curiosities,  history, tastes and hard limits (medical history isn’t important at first consultation stage).  I had a very strong idea of how O/our session would go, based on everything W/we had discussed. 

My ARDENT fans (!) will also know that My favorite sessions are those that take on a world of their own (I believe I used to use an extremely articulate sailboat metaphor,  see My DickieVirgin interview).
This play was everything I love.  I had the “best laid plans” but as I slowly and seductively en-wrapped him in rope bondage, I could feel him falling, falling and falling under My spell. I literally felt his skin give way to Me. His flesh and his breath succumbed to My dominance with every twist and every wrap.
Eventually he was on his side, lying. And then he was hogtied- I was in such top-space that I don’t even remember doing it.
But then I do remember thinking  “oh, what now, because a full body harness then ‘fetus position hogtie’ (My label thereto) wasn’t the plan!!” But as a looked at him, no, more, as I FELT him, I knew that this was right. I knew this was where he needs to be, this is what he needs and this has to happen.
So now I’m guiding a silk rope through the neck loop I created and over his head, onto his hands in prayer.
I felt all his tension leave his body.
Like steam coming from a clothes iron, I saw him deflate and submit and surrender and beg.
I dont know how long W/we sat, entwined and breathing together as he began his journey into understanding what it means to yield
I do know that it was a truly beautiful time and that I have so, so, so much more in store for him: slowly and carefully. 

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