Reciprocal Generosity

After discovering that I am now the cheapest Domina in New York, My rates have all risen. Existing clients are unaffected for now.

It is a timely subject because regular clients and personal submissives know that 1st September is My birthday.

When I chose My session tribute amount, the decision was made on the basis that I truly enjoy meeting and playing with people from all backgrounds. My extensive experience was definitely a factor, but I did not want to to align My tribute with My experience level to the extent that it made Me inaccessible to new players or nervous subs. But most importantly: I always saw My clients and My personal subs the same way: as My friends, supporters and cheerleaders. For predominantly that reason, I was happy to leave My tribute at an affordable level so to build relationships which bud far greater flowers than the merely financial.

For the most part I am very happy that has happened. I have had the same stable since long before Covid and they are loyal, fun and generous.

However, many play partners have let Me down in the past, most especially when My birthday comes around and, after I receive the wonderful and bountiful gifts from good friends I notice that submissives who call themselves friends when they ask for special favors, extended time, last minute appointments and more, haven’t even sent a text or a giftcard.

And so, especially after the last 18 months, I come to the screaming realization that increasing My tribute is the only way to explain My worth to applicants.

Meanwhile: YOU HAVE SIX DAYS to choose and send Me a birthday gift.

If existing clients are thankful that, so far, they are grandfathered into My old rates, they will SHOW THAT GRATITUDE with haste.

My dreams for this year are: this exciting vacuum play, if you really cannot gift (bearing in mind that the cost is less than a two hour session) it then at least send a giftcard to contribute.

All giftcards can be sent to

My beautician is more generous to Me than My clients, and has offered Me a whole YEAR’s full of treatments for $1244.00 which you can send by cashapp or send giftcards to her new spa.

Finally, I always enjoy jewelry which should be rose gold and diamond; and if you really must present the most cheap option I accept amazon giftcard and My amazon wishlist is open.

Show Me that I am right to think of My play partners as My friends and not to feel taken advantage of.

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