FINALLY: Travel Dates

Crack open the champagne, I will finally be traveling again for the first time in FOURTEEN MONTHS.

Dates will be coming up. For now, the Pennsylvania requests are the most numerous so My first locations are:

Allentown, PA – Tuesday 30th March
Scranton, PA – Wednesday 31st March

To apply for a session: see My instructions under “Contact”.

Back-Up Twitter

As you all know I am active on Twitter, I find it excellent to reach and chat with subs old and new. With the increasing cases of twitter removing accounts at a whim I have created a “Back-up Twitter” account, just in case.

If you find that My twitter account (@aureaamazon) has been removed, you will be able to find Me at @LAureaAmazon instead. To be safe you should go and follow this secondary account now – (there will be no or very minimal posts at this account while the primary account is active).

Thank-you all for your support.