Video Subs Needed

Subs in the NYC area who would be interested in bottoming on camera may apply to be of service.

Email Me at and include: any experience you have of fetish filming, your personal BDSM interests, your hard-limits and your availability.

If anonymity is required then a mask is permissible.

October 2020: An update

Wow, it has been a long time since I blogged!!

The large reason for that is that I have joined, which I update at least twice every 2 days. So far, I’ve managed to keep My subscription fee extremely low at just $4.99 because I want it to be accessible. To get regular updates just subscribe now.

I am coming out of quarantine as of October 1st. I have an up to date negative test result and I will only be playing in spaces with a guaranteed Covid cleaning policy. If you would like to session, email Me at and include information about any gatherings of more than 6 people which you have attended in the last 2 weeks as well as any travelling you have done in the last 2 weeks. My health and your health are more important than our play.

Hoping to see you soon. X