New Review

I always feel I am on the edge of being submissive and being vanilla. So I did have a few sessions with other mistresses before. But it did not go very well because I did not feel I was truly dominated. However, Amazon Aurea is another level.
I was immediately conquered literally one second she met me. “On your knees” She said, with 6’1 tall height and a high heel, she is a truly Amazon when I look her up. She asked me to remember her stare down which every time I think now, I can feel her power. My favorites are foot fetish related. She is a real master of that. My mouth is full of her pretty feet and I feel so blessed. I was choked by her foot gagging while she was laughing.
She then put her weight on me and used me as a chair . The moment I was touched by her, I felt so tiny and small. I tried to escape but you know it was impossible. She squeezed me with her beautiful long legs and I was already happy to death.
This is the best session I ever had in my life. The domination level is just unbelievable. Thank you Amazon Aurea

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