March 1st

Well, 2018 certainly knows how to stage an opening act.


January and February have been pretty hideous months for Me with not one but three cases of cancer within My circle of friends and relatives.

I would love to comment about how this has made Me a better person but all of you who know Me know better of Me than that! The “Anti-Karma Anti-Queen” is a name I have been awarded more than once.

I have, however, been starkly reminded of the brevity of relationships to which One, foolishly, attributes an eternity.


In response to the enquiries of all My beautifully supportive slaves: I am doing well. I am still in Switzerland but I have now purchased My ticket back to NYC and I shall be returning early on Friday 16th March. I have now opened up bookings from Saturday 17th March onwards with touring to start at the end of March. (Boston, New Jersey and Washington most probably).

Thank you all for your patience. I consider it to be of enormous importance in My profession that I am able to always take all the time I need to process complicated feelings: I still do believe that this makes Me stronger and better at being the wise and steady touchstone to guide you through yours.

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