The first step to Femocracy

I spent last month on the road a lot. Far more than I have for a long time. While slave chauffeured, My mind wandered as I surveyed the highway around Me.

A three line freeway is an allegory to life and One may tell the personalities of each individual driver. Without fail, the landscape depressed Me. The vast majority of drivers were male: One could tell before looking into the window to confirm. How? Well because men make asshole drivers. Like I said – an allegory to life. They drive with only a thought to their own vehicle and how they “compete” with other vehicles. A good road driver (as opposed to any kind of race driver – that’s a different cockfight) handles themselves, their machine and the others in their environment like a dance. A good road driver is aware at all times of everything happening around them and strives always to strike a beautiful balance between their own aims and their surrounding society. That doesn’t only mean driving courteously, it means to consider all repercussions of their movements:        do I HAVE to brake now or could I slow down naturally? – if My brake lights go on then it will affect those behind Me;          am I really in the best lane? could I achieve My desired speed perfectly comfortably in an area where I am further from other drivers concerns?

Rarely did I see the ‘slow lane’ even used at all – NEWS ALERT: rules of the road say that EVERYONE should be in the inside lane unless they are actively overtaking, but I guess that doesn’t compute when your sense of self-worth is directly tied to other drivers’ perception of your vacuous display of driver-assertiveness. Frequently, I saw drivers brake, then accelerate, then brake – NEWS ALERT: you are never supposed to brake on a highway except in case of emergency, but men cannot think of a drive as a continual journey, like goldfish they can only process the information in 3 second pieces. And never did I see someone use their hazard lights to signal any politeness to fellow road-occupants – they are there for a reason, people, how about you let those behind you know if there is something unusual ahead, or – God forbid – thank them for an act of generosity.

I’m not talking about road rage, I’m talking about the micro-adjustments which the multi-faceted minds of Ladies can calculate, versus the single-mindedness of a phallus powering a bullet through an audience.

When the Femocracy revolution begins, perhaps we should start by banning males from public highways.

Just a thought!




Die Liebe ist genau so unproblematisch wie ein Fahrzeug. Problematisch sind nur die Lenker, die Fahrgäste und die Straße.

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