New Testimonial

Reviews from My precious subs can be seen under the “Subs Speak..” tab. Here are My most recently received words of thanks:

“I had been trying to plan a session with the beautiful Mistress Aurea for quite some time, and just as I finally had the chance to book, I had to cancel last minute due to work related issues. Regardless of that, Mistress was incredibly understanding! Fast forward a couple of months, and I finally got to set up an appointment with Mistress. Having booked a few days in advance, it felt like forever for our session to finally happen. Luckily, everything was well worth the wait. I showed up, excited about seeing the beautiful Mistress Aurea in person, and giving myself up to her and the Venus 2000. I brought up a bottle of wine for us to have during the session to keep things casual and comfortable, and boy it was. Mistress took the time to sit with me, and really understand what interests me, what gets me going, and getting to learn my limits. She took such a genuine interest in my pleasure of being dominated, making sure this session would be the best experience ever, and it was!! Being eager to please, I placed myself in chastity for almost a week for Mistress, and I think she really appreciated it! Mistress told me to get comfortable, and started to put me in bondage so I can’t escape (wouldn’t want to anyway!). Mistress really likes to get the senses involved, and her touch is absolutely incredible!!! Blindfolding me, and touching various parts of my body unexpectedly really heightened the senses. And my favorite part, on came the Venus 2000. I thought not having had a release in at least a week would mean I would finish to quick, but nope! Mistress found a perfect way to constantly keep me on edge, always being right there at that point of release, but never quite letting go. It was a sensational feeling, and well done to Mistress for being able to really understand her sub and keep him there. All I can say is Mistress Aurea is incredibly beautiful, and genuinely cares for her subs. Can’t wait to see you again Mistress!!!!”

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