Breaking in the Virgins

Just a very quick observation: Since the censorship of Backpage, there has definitely been a problem reaching out to clients and, so far, I haven’t seen a different online platform successfully fill their mold.

Nevertheless, I do like to find a Golden-Goddess-golden-lining in a cloud, when I can. On this occasion I must say that it appears to be that I am seeing far more BDSM Virgins or self-declared “newbies”.

I hereby confess that I have been guilty in the past of pre-judging individuals who have never experienced S&M and then suddenly want to visit Me. I wonder how deeply their understanding of kink-play can run, I  worry that they have the wrong impression of what will happen between U/us within session and I weary Myself with thoughts of needing to exhaustively mentor, tutor and pander to someone like a (non-Kinky) Nanny.

Here’s the happy news: so far I have been completely wrong on all counts!!

Now that We Dominatrices find Ourselves on the laughably inappropriate “Dating” section of Backpage, rather than embracing the freedom of publicly branding ourselves as the Fetish-Workers We are. This means a longer client-screening process, awkward pre-session conversations and a greater element of insecurity when meeting a new sub. I could not be more surprised, therefore, to discover that the more new clients I find using this unsuitable category, the more novel, fun and unique experiences I am having. I have met lots of (often young), very open-minded, enthusiastic, respectful, friendly gentlemen who would normally be 100% vanilla. As well as enjoying their company, I am encountering more frequently the immense high of a session where you open up an individual to something new to them, which you know will change their life.

I want to thank My new fetish fledglings for stamping on My prejudice, for embracing Kink and for handing Me the opportunity for lovely Domme-euphorias.


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