Sardax Milking Series

My obsession with Sardax’s milking series of pictures is about as much of a secret as the colour of Rudolph’s nose. And now he has published the whole series.

See them all and accompanying text, here:

It’s a timely (ahem) “release” because its a dream Christmas gift of mine to have a personal Sardax portrait. So, while your peaking at his artistry – why don’t you give your Mistress what She wants MOST for the holidays?

4 thoughts on “Sardax Milking Series

  1. I had a girl milk my cock two years ago, enjoyed it very much, especially as she continued to milk my cock when I was asleep, as I realized when I woke up 6 hours later as I saw her fingers on the shaft of my penis with my jizz dribbling down my cock onto her fingers. So far not only is this the only girl I found who would do this, after I began sharing my experience her apt bldg became full of guys seeking the similar experience, they just didn’t realize I was the only man she would ever do this to

  2. I love these images. I especially looooove how strict the bondage is; struggle is pointless. Sardax always has this great contrast between the knowing calm of his female captors and the fearful, helpless bewilderment of his male captives. It creates this feeling of inevitability – that the male will become another conquest of female supremacy, a slave, and nothing will stop Her or save him from his fate. The soon-to-be enslaved find that even knowing the machine will deposit their forcefully extracted fluids into their mouths, something that should trigger their full resistance, leaves them incapable of any defense. They are completely overmatched by the seductive power of the Goddess and will become whatever she wants them to become. The one thing that would be better (to me) would be adding forced feminization to the experience. Also, it always seemed odd to me that the captives were allowed to keep their genital hair. Combining with enforced chastity beforehand (ie, no key for the milkee) would be mindblowing. Does that every happen, Goddess?

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